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CHAmp CD Portable Wireless Amplifier

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Portable amplifier with wireless microphone equipped with multi-media solution of CD and USB/SD-card player featuring 150-Watt amplification and wireless microphone system transmission of approx. 100 feet for virtually any application

Powerful RMS 150-Watt Output UHF863-865MHz 16-Preset Frequency Wireless Microphone (Other frequencies are Optional)

Special Features

• A complete, All-in-One system of power amplifier, wired & wireless microphone, master volume control,
speaker, rechargeable battery and media player.
• Sturdy CD/USB/SC-Card mechanism with 40sec. ESP, remote controlled
• UHF 16-Ch PLL wireless for transmission of approx. 100 feet for virtually any application.
• Voice-priority function allows all the microphones to automatically override any internal sound sources during
speech but returning back to normal operating condition immediately after the speech. Voice-Priority range can
be adjustable from 0 ~ 100% within time delay of 0 ~ max. 1.5sec. This function is really effective for sudden
speech requirement without manual reducing volume of internal sound sources
• CMOS technology digital Echo function with control of effect and level volume.(CMOS: 44K memory / Delay
time: 31ms ~ 340ms)
• Battery monitoring indicator by 5 array LED showing the battery level.
• Luxury audio output indicator by symmetrical 10-step array LED display.
• Real unique and multiple application by one-wireless and one-corded microphone.
• Terminal for external speaker to boost output power by approx. 30%
• Tone controlling of High-Middle-Low are available for the most efficient acoustic colour. ±10dB
• Separate volume controls for cordless & corded microphone and aux function.
• Built-in rechargeable explosion proof sealed acid battery runs extremely long operation.
• Solid construction and elegant tailored design made by strong wooden MDF for powerful sound output.
• Comes complete with hand-held or tie-pin microphone per order, ready for use.
• ABMR (Automatic Battery Monitoring & Recovery) to protect rechargeable battery

For more information, please view this specification sheet