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Champ Microphone Portable Wireless PA system

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Introductory model especially for speech application. Portable PA 150-Watt wireless amplifier with total 4(four) inputs for 2 wired and 2 wireless microphones. Master volume control, voice-priority and echo function helps the speaker achieve the most unique speech.

Powerful RMS 150-Watt Output UHF863-865MHz 16-Preset Frequency Wireless Microphone (Other frequencies are Optional)

Special features 

• A complete, All-in-One system of power amplifier, wired & wireless microphone, master volume control,
speaker, rechargeable battery and media player.
• Clear sound wireless transmission of VHF-200MHz or UHF-800/900MHz w/ 16-freq. selection.
• Useful configuration of 2-wireless mic and 2-wired mic combination.
• Voice-priority function allows all the microphones to automatically override any internal or external sound
sources during speech but returning back to normal operating condition immediately after the speech. Priority
range can be adjustable from 0 ~ 100% within time delay of 0 ~ max. 1.5sec. This function is really effective
for sudden speech requirement without manual reducing volume of internal/external sound sources
• CMOS technology digital Echo function with control of effect and level volume.(CMOS: 44K memory / Delay
time: 31ms ~ 340ms)
• Battery monitoring indicator by 5 array LED showing the battery level.
• Luxury audio output indicator by symmetrical L/R 10-step array LED display.
• Each wired/wireless microphone and media player has it is own independent Treble/Bass control for individual
precise tone setting
• Separate volume controls for all cordless & corded microphone and master level
• Terminal for external speaker to boost output power of total approx. 30%
• Built-in rechargeable explosion proof sealed acid battery runs extremely long operation
• Solid construction and elegant tailored design made by strong wooden MDF for powerful sound output
• Comes complete with hand-held or tie-pin microphone per order, ready for use
ABMR (Automatic Battery Monitoring & Recovery) to protect rechargeable battery

For more information, please view this specification sheet